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1.7 Square Miles of History

FUEL serves the neighborhood of Franklinton, located on the west side of the City of Columbus.

This neighborhood is immediately west of downtown Columbus but separated from downtown by the Scioto River that, historically, has flooded the community several times until the federal government permanently resolved this issue in 2004.

The 1.7 square mile neighborhood is a dense urban neighborhood located west of the Scioto River and south of the Norfolk Southern railroad tracks. The southern and western boundaries of the neighborhood are Interstate 70, which bends 75 degrees at the southwest corner of the neighborhood.

The Franklinton neighborhood has 8,830 residents. The income for the 3,058 neighborhood households is $21,455 on average. At $40,030, the city average is nearly double the neighborhood’s average household income. Nearly 70% of the neighborhood is Caucasian, with African Americans constituting the largest minority group at 23 percent.

Due to the addition of some incredibly positive arts and culture anchors over the last few years, Franklinton is poised as a neighborhood on the verge of a massive transformation. A walk through the east side of Franklinton evidences an impressive amount of new construction. Stories abound about rises in housing prices as buyers are lining up to become the newest neighborhood residents. This economic growth is estimated at $500 million and will transform Franklinton for generations to come.