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FUEL Strategy

At a glance

On the surface, the future of Franklinton appears to be very positive. Actually, the neighborhood is at a crossroads. Due to the addition of some incredibly positive arts and culture anchors over the last few years, Franklinton is poised as a neighborhood on the verge of a massive transformation. Neighborhood construction is estimated at $500 million and will transform Franklinton for generations to come.

Our impact

The Franklinton Urban Empowerment Lab (FUEL) has been a major contributor to this neighborhood positioning. Previous decisions to invest in the Idea Foundry and other arts anchors have shown that FUEL properly repositioned the neighborhood for the positive.

Connecting communities

Franklinton is quickly becoming a neighborhood of three distinct social networks and FUEL is evolving its efforts to help bridge these communities. The Franklinton community will soon be a community of working poor, creatives and upper middle-class. There is minimal reason that these three social networks will engage each other unless it is programmed and intentional.

Efforts have commenced that will allow these different communities to have increased, intentional exposure to each other. These efforts will follow along an interaction progression that will start with simple exposure and move along a spectrum resulting in increased employment opportunities for Franklinton residents. These employment opportunities will also have intentionality around improving the neighborhood’s quality of life. By acting as a bridge builder, FUEL will be the community convener while increasing its presence as a significant actor in economic and housing development.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this journey. Please “like” our Facebook page to stay engaged as we strive to improve the lives of all Franklinton residents.