Hi! we’re franklinton urban empowerment lab (FUEL)


We are a non-profit, Community Development Corporation (CDC) in Franklinton, Columbus, Ohio.


Our neighborhood is changing, fast. It can all be a little overwhelming, for visitors and longtime residents both. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

For decades, we sat in a floodplain, which made it difficult to finance the maintenance of our properties. We suffered the floodwaters, the disinvestment, and we persevered.

In 2004, the floodwall was completed, but in 2007, the economy collapsed. Again, the Franklinton community remained strong through challenges.

Now, in 2018, we are seeing a renaissance in Franklinton – hundreds of artists and makers (along with nearly $500 million in investment and counting) blur the line between Franklinton and Downtown to the east, while longtime residents and their new neighbors are rebuilding the heart of the community to the west.

In the midst of this energy, the Franklinton Urban Empowerment Lab (FUEL) exists to support the neighborhood by improving quality of life for all residents.

With initiatives in housing development, economic development, artist-as-owner programs, and education, FUEL’s dynamic programming is making a real difference in the lives of potential residents, longtime community members, and the neighborhood business community.

Whether you’ve lived in Franklinton your entire life, are new to the area, or are just visiting, FUEL can help you get involved and stay up to date in this authentic, dynamic neighborhood on the move!